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about us

Our logo:

The speech bubbles represent the necessary discourse amongst professionals to provide integrated, effective support to abused children and families through effective communication.

The small hand encapsulated in the red speech bubble represents the cry for help.

The grown-up hand that is connected to al three speech bubbles symbolises FACT network’s ability to reach out to all parties relevant, and to bring them together.

The orange of the top speech bubble symbolises the love that is needed throughout the healing that FACT network initiates, whereas the grey of the bottom speech bubble symbolises the objectivity that FACT network brings to each unique case.

Our services include:

  • Training
  • Professional support and supervision services
  • Expert opinion in sexual abuse / forensic investigtions
  • Consulting service to schools in case of sexual inappropriate behavior at schools / or concerns regarding sexual abuse of a child
  • Data base of preferred service providers qualified to do forensic investigations into allegations of sexual abuse.

Louise Aucamp has developed and presented various in-house training, tailor made to the specific needs of various organisation(s)


These include amongst others:

  • SAPS FCS National Office: Understanding the dynamics of Sexual Abuse (2007)
  • SAPS Western Cape FCS Units : Assessing allegations of Abuse (2008)
  • OTASA: Attachment for Occupational Therapists (2008)
  • Christian Social Council Pretoria East: Understanding Trauma (2008)
  • Sensitive Midwifery Symposium : Understanding the Importance of Attachment in mother-infant care (2009)(Pretoria & Cape Town)
  • SAPS Western Cape FCS Units: Assessing the very young child and the adolescent (2009)
  • CANE Symposium: Understanding and identifying concerns regarding sexual abuse (2009)
  • Western Cape Play Therapy Association: Attachment, theory and development (2009)
  • CANE Symposium: Touch Caregiver training: Understanding the child in your care (2010)
  • Moreleta Counselling Centre (NG Moreleta): Dissociation (2012)
  • Trauma Centre : Understanding the non-offending parent in child sexual abuse (2012)
  • SAPS National: The use of assessment kits in forensic assessment (2013)
  • SAPS First Forensic Social Work Seminar. Guest Speaker. Topic: Dynamics of Disclosure in Child Sexual Abuse (2014)
  • Mpumalanga Regional Office (CMR): Understanding the dynamics of disclosure in Child Sexual Abuse (2014)
  • Mending Broken Bonds. Seminar. Midrand.Topic: The assessment of parent-child attachment (2014)
  • Mpumalanga Regional Office (CMR): The effect of sexual abuse on the child (2014)