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The need for comprehensive assessment of children in our communities who are exposed to traumatic events or who are living amidst the cycle of abuse is a reality that needs to be addressed. The majority of social workers at Welfare Organizations neither have specialized training in the socio-emotional assessment nor the forensic interviewing of children Even those who have are often faced with high caseloads which makes it impossible to spend time on the comprehensive assessment of children in need.

As part of our community engagement FACT offers limited pro bono opportunities for:

  • Socio-emotional evaluation of children;
  • Pre-forensic evaluation of children when there are concerns about the possibility of sexual abuse;
  • Forensic interviewing of children where there are allegations of sexual abuse;
  • Interactional analysis to evaluate parent-child interaction.

These assessments are done as part of the successful completion of the correlated courses practical component. The assessments are done under the supervision of the course facilitator and the referring organization receives a comprehensive report for their records.