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FACT was established in 2006 by Dr Louise Aucamp [BA(SW) MSD(Play Therapy) PhD(SW)] in response to the need for evidence based integrated training to equip professionals to render effective services to children and families.

FACT does not just support professionals with knowledge and skill in socio-emotional assessment and therapeutic intervention with children, but brings expert knowledge and skill in the field of sexual abuse and forensic investigations to the table.

We provide a variety of training packages and professional support services in line with our vision and mission.


Our vision is to develop and inspire mental health professionals to provide effective services.


The mission of FACT is to equip and assist professionals working in the field of child assessment and therapy (with specific focus on sexual abuse) by educating and equiping our delegates with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide integrated and effective services to families and children.

Training Programmes

Our training programmes are structured in such a way to give you the best of both worlds. Through our various learning programmes, we provide a safer and more predictable learning environment that at the same time affords students to utilize their own time to view certain pre-recorded session on-line, while still meeting for regular virtual meetings that encourage student participation and ample time for question and ensuring all practical aspects are integrated

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