Assessment & Therapy Centre

Assessment & Therapy Centre

The FACT Assessment and Therapy center prides itself on combining evidence-based techniques with a compassionate approach to empower children and families on their healing journey.

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What makes our centre unique?

We see parents as co-therapists. Equipping parents with knowledge and skills to support their child's therapeutic journey is part of our therapeutic responsibility.
We give regular feedback to parents through individual consultation and summarised written feedback.
We work together as a team with all the role players in the life of the child to ensure intervention is effected in all systems, optimizing growth and change of the child.
Our therapists do not work alone but form a part of our wider professional team, receiving regular individual supervision and are a part of group-supervision sessions.
All our staff attend in-house training throughout the year.

We have therapists that speak several official languages of SA to ensure each child receives the necessary help in his/her own mother tongue.

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Assessment Services

Socio-Emotional Assessments

Interactional Analysis

Evaluating parent-child interaction

Forensic Investigations

Into allegations of abuse

Psycho-Legal Investigations

Into primary care and residency
Where there is a dispute regarding contact

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