FACT Internships

Every year, FACT welcomes newly graduated social work interns into the team. The heart behind our internship is to give new social workers who are interested in working therapeutically with children and families an opportunity to sharpen their skills with practice and training. Interns will receive free access to numerous FACT training courses throughout the year and join the FACT Assessment and Therapy Centre team with offering assessments and therapy to children. Interns will also have the opportunity to be a part of numerous community work projects throughout the year and get firsthand experience and expertise with working in private practice.

Please see below for more information and the application process:


FACT was initially established as a social work training organisation that offers various CPD accredited courses. Today, we have our own Assessment & Therapy Centre, offer supervision and professional support services to social workers and other mental health professionals, and are engaged in various different community work projects.

We are passionate about social work education and giving back to our community. Our social work internships are a one-year programme that offer newly graduated social workers with the opportunity to gain valuable experience in working with children and families and find their footing in the therapeutic world.



You will be continuously involved in training courses throughout the year. These courses are presented by Dr Louise Aucamp, who has over 25 years of experience in the field of social work. Dr Aucamp has lectured at a postgraduate level, published numerous academic articles, supervised, and has trained social workers across South Africa.

Most of our courses are available to attend in person or online and are CPD accredited. In total, the courses you will receive are valued at over R36 000. These courses include:

  • Socio- Emotional Assessments - A 3-month course equipping you with comprehensive skills to assess children.
  • Structured Trauma Therapy
  • Mandatory Reporting and Disclosures of Abuse
  • Bereavement Counselling with Children
  • Nurturing Attachments - A Therapeutic Parenting Program for Children with Attachment Difficulties
  • Interactional Analysis - Observing Parent - Child Interaction.
  • The Art of Effective Report Writing
  • Therapeutic Life Story Work
  • Divorce Counselling for Children
  • FAST - Family and Systems Test Assessment and Therapy tool
  • Therapeutic Reunification
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Trauma Debriefing
  • The Collateral Interview in Social Work



As a FACT intern you will offer therapy and social-emotional assessments to children and families who are not able to afford it. This forms part of one our core values, which is making therapy and assessment services available to ALL people. You will have access to continuous supervision and support, as well as the use of our facilities and equipment.

Although the workload will differ each month according to the number of referrals we get, we only expect you to work a maximum of 16hrs per week.

Our team is continuously involved in various community work projects. As a FACT intern, you will also spend a percentage of your time working on:

  • Our Let’s Work It Out Programme – where you will be journeying with highschoolers from various children’s homes in helping them make plans for after they matriculate.
  • Assisting at our satellite offices in Pretoria West – where we offer therapy and assessments to children from our various partner organisation’s.

These community work projects offer interns with an opportunity to work with people of all ages and from different parts of the city – which contributes to a holistic practice experience. Interns will also be expected to present group work on emotional regulation and conduct other group work programmes at schools across Pretoria. Therefore interns will be involved in all 3 spheres of practice: individual work, group work, and community work.


Furthermore, interns will not only gain advanced knowledge of different therapeutic theories and techniques, but also learn a great deal of information pertaining to social work private practice. From the process of seeing clients in private practice from start to finish, what legal and ethical considerations to adhere by, what documentation is needed, and the administration and management processes to adhere by. Interns will form a part of our team and join us for regular group supervision and team building activities.



  • Your work will consist of a maximum of 16 hours per week. These hours will be somewhat flexible, as you can arrange which days you want to schedule your appointments. Therefore, this internship is perfect for a postgraduate student or someone working part time elsewhere.
  • Interns will receive a small monthly stipend.
  • Because many of our projects happen across Pretoria, interns will need to keep in mind that they will be responsible for their own transportation.
  • Because we work closely with organisations and families that are predominantly Afrikaans, interns would need to be able to understand and communicate in Afrikaans.



  • To be eligible for this internship you need have completed a BSW degree within the last 2 years.
  • Have access to reliable transportation.
  • Be able to communicate in English and Afrikaans
  • The selection process will take place by means of an interview, and selected applicants will be informed middle November.



  • To apply for this internship, please submit your CV, and a motivational letter (no longer than one page) highlighting the value you believe this internship will have towards your professional social work development.

Applications should be sent to: alicia@factnetwork.co.za