Introduction to Attachment and the Emotional Needs of Children
June 9, 2020

Normal Sexual Development: Development or Dilemma?


Duration of the training: Normal Sexual Development: Development or Dilemma?

CPD:  Not registered

Cost: R225.00

Duration: 1 hr 30 min

Introduction:. Although parents, teachers and even therapist are often knowledgeable about cognitive and emotional development of children, when it comes to the normal sexual development of children their knowledge often falls short. Understanding normal sexual development and the behaviour that goes with each phase is imperative both in encouraging the development of a healthy sexual identity in children but also as part of the prevention of sexual abuse. In this short course we will look at normal sexual development from infancy up to primary school years. We will discuss what behaviour is considered within the parameters of normal development and what behaviour is considered problematic. Delegates will also receive guidelines in addressing both normal and problematic sexual behaviour with children as a first responder.

Who this course is for:  Parents, Teachers, Social Workers, Psychologist, Play Therapist and Registered Counsellors. Anyone working with children daily.

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