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Enhancing your knowledge and skill is our passion

We are passionate about equipping and assisting professionals working with children and families with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide integrated and effective services.

We provide a variety of training courses, as well as tailor made packages and content to suit the unique needs of organisations. We have offered training across South Africa to social workers and other mental health professionals, schools, and even government organisations like the South African Police Service.

We have developed a comprehensive course on Socio-Emotional Assessments of Children, as well as Forensic Investigations into Allegations of Abuse. Our training also covers a variety of therapeutic topics such as Divorce Counselling for Children, Bereavement Counselling for Children, Structured Trauma Therapy and Trauma Debriefing, Nurturing Attachments Between Parents and Children, Foster Care Training, and much more.

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Training Programmes

Our training programmes are structured in such a way to give you the best of both worlds. Through our various learning programmes, we provide a safer and more predictable learning environment that at the same time affords students to utilize their own time to view certain pre-recorded session on-line, while still meeting for regular virtual meetings that encourage student participation and ample time for question and ensuring all practical aspects are integrated

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School - Based Training & Support

We offer training and support services to schools for following:

  • Normal sexual development vs problematic sexual behaviour
  • Mandatory reporting and the schools role and responsibilities in dealing with child sexual abuse allegations.
  • Understanding trauma and creating a trauma informed school environment
  • Emotional regulation in the classroom
  • Preventing compassion fatigue and burnout for teachers

Louise Aucamp

Dr Louise Aucamp is an accredited social worker with 25+ years’ experience working with traumatized children and families. Dr Aucamp has worked in both the formal welfare sector as well as in private practice.

She obtains a master’s degree in Play Based Interventions from the University of Pretoria (Cum Laude) (2004) and attended specialized training with APSAC (American Professional Society of Abuse of Children) in Seattle, on forensic investigation into allegations of abuse (2006).

Dr Aucamp obtained a PhD (2015) from Northwest University with a research focus on sexual abuse.

Dr Aucamp previous academic appointments were at University of the Northwest, as main lecturer for a master’s degree program in Forensic Social Work. Dr Aucamp has published several articles in scientific journals as well as in family magazines.

She is the founder of FACT – Forensic Assessment Consultation and Training Pty (Ltd) a training company that provides a variety of training courses and professional support services to professionals working with children and families. Through FACT she lives out her passion and calling to provide training of the highest standard – linking theory with practice – ensuring professionals are equipped and supported to provide evidence-based service in line with ethics and legally sound practice.

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